"An Diabhal Inti" The Devil's in Her. Motion Graphics for Lagan Media Productions

I really enjoyed creating some motion graphics for "An Diabhal Inti" (The Devil's in Her), a six part documentary for Lagan Productions. Airing on  TG4 & BBC NI next month.www.laganmediaproductions.com

6×25′ TG4, 8th March 2022 10pm

What happened when the witch-hunts came to the island of Ireland? Here was a culture that worshipped goddesses, with a mythology featuring a pantheon of fairy folk and powerful female deities. This series explores the rare cases of witchcraft accusations in Ireland, the beliefs and social conditions that underpinned them, and the brutal consequences suffered by the accused. Set against the backdrop of traditional beliefs where powerful women created the landscape and ruled the Otherworld.

Women once had power that was revered and respected. Where did it go? Why was it stamped out? And what do all these womens’ stories have to teach us today?

A Lagan Media Production for TG4 and BBC Northern Ireland. With funding from the BAI and ILBF.